FWM-80 Washing Machine

The “FWM-80” type automatic washing machine is the newly design product of CSF-Electric Kft. This equipment can be loaded manually from a feather box or automatically from a silo based on weight. Both outer and inner drum is made of stainless material. We pay great attention to the quality of the

materials we use. All of our machines comply with the latest safety standards and regulations. The latest Siemens control and drive technology, our washing machines are able to wash all kinds of feather and down properly.

Main Components

Washer drum bearing

(FAG premium quality)

Shock absorbers


Loading and emptying duct

(250 mm)

Automatic chemical dosage system
Automatic chemical dosage system
Circulation pump

(FAG premium quality)

Manual chemical dosing tank
Hot water inlet valve
Cold water inlet valve
Circulation pump closing valve
Analogue pressure transmitter connection
Vacuum pump connection to diffuser

(adds oxygen to the washing water)

Main drive control cabinet

(with aircondition)

Pneumatic Shock blower

(helps to loosen the stuck materials on the drum while emptying)

Loading and emptying directional damper

(controls loading and emptying)

Directional damper

(Vacuum / secondary air support)

Oscillation sensor
Machine plates
PLC control cabinet

(Siemens safety electronic system, Siemens 12” touch screen)

Central greasing system

(ability to attach auto grasing sysytem)

Safety magnetic lock


Rotary sensors
Washer drum shaft sealing
Hydraulic brake system
FAG drive shaft and bearing
FAG drive shaft and bearing
FAG drive shaft and bearing
Siemens main drive


Introduction videos and specs

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