The KFM06 Automatic Duvet Filling Machine

The KFM06 automatic duvet filling machine intended use is to fill quilts with filling material (feather, down).

Mode of Operation: The set filling weights are automatically measured by the weighing units then the fan unit blows into the cells. You have to set each cell row, column and length. 

The silo has to be filled with filling material. This material will be transferred from silo to 8 weight bins by vacuum. The weight is being monitored continuously while loading. Loading will be finished when vacuum stops. If the loaded weight is not between the previously set tolerance values the automatic equalization will start. The control will decide based on weight, if the loaded material is too much or too less. It will start to add or take material from the weight bin until the weight is between the previously set tolerance values.

The filling material will then be blown into the duvets by filling fans.

Technical details

Electric parts


Nominal voltage connection: 3x400V 50Hz, Built in nominal connection power: 16,5kW, Maximum consuption: 30A, Rated consumption: 17A, Compressed air connection: min. 6-10 bar

How Big is It?


Length: 12m, Width: 8m, Height: 6m

Feather containers


6×4 casette comforter, 300- 350 pc/8 hours

Bespoke services


The exact dimensions of the device are finalized during installation considering the local endowments. The mentioned sizes are for standard installation.

Main Parts of the Duvet filling Machine

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Filling table

Filling table with automatic duvet conveying system

Filling tubes

Filling tubes where the duvets are put on

Filling fans

Filling fans are transporting the materials from the weight bins into the duvets

Look around in virtual 360°

Thanks to the VR technology you can look around from the inside of the machine.

Video Gallery

See how the prototype works in action

KFM06 Prototype Video  3:52

Short video about the KFM06 Automatic Duvet Filling Machine.

Duvet Filling Machine Components 3:06

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

About Us & the Filling Machine 3:52

A little background about our company and the KFM06 Automatic Duvet Filling Machine.

Photo Gallery


We Say a Big Thank You to the Hungarian Government and the European Union for Support.

You can find out how the Hungarian Government and the European Union helped to make this prototype. If you need more information about this please click the button below to read more information.